DOT STAYS IN - a short film made during the Covid lockdowns of 2020
DOT STAYS IN was made in 3 weeks, in April of 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdowns, by friends spread across three countries. A voiceover by writer Christopher Slade was explored by illustrator Suzanne Barrett. And from those pencil drawings filmmakers Sam Hatton-Brown and Suzanne Slatcher crafted this short sweet animation, seeking hope in a dire situation.
The nine hour time difference worked to their advantage, one person would be delivering their work just as the next was getting started for the day. Although team meetings were held at cocktail hour for some, and in bed with a cup of tea for others.
The team have plans to rejoin Dot and the gang in future films, and bounce through her wonky world again.
Production company: SHB CREATIVE CONTENT
Run time: 1.35m
Director/Producer: Sam Hatton-Brown
Writer/Voice: Christopher Slade
Illustrator: Suzanne Barrett
Animator: Suzanne Slatcher
Music: Jess Hatton-Brown