Explainers are short animated films designed to encapsulate a concept in an entertaining way.
Introduce your company and tell your story, to enhance the charisma of your brand.
Launch a new product in a context and style that speaks best to your audience.
Explain a tricky idea or get into the kind of technicalities best explained visually.
Explainers can be 30 seconds to a couple of minutes long. 
Entertainment is key, grabbing and keeping the audience's attention.
As well as all animation, photography and film-making, we can write the script, record the voiceovers, compose the music, and mix the sound fx.
Director/Animator - Suzanne Slatcher
Music - Margrit Eichler
(c) Ashes To Ashes Inc, 2020
Director/Animator - Suzanne Slatcher
(c) Watearth, 2021
Director/Producer/Motion Graphics - Suzanne Slatcher
Live Action DP - Sarah Dunham
Music - Margrit Eichler
Actors - Isaac Frank, AJ Kirsch
(c) VuFind, 2010