Pixar Animation Studios
I worked at Pixar from 2001-2009
Primarily in modeling and layout (camera), but also set-dressing and lighting.
Here are some of the highlights
CARS 2005 - modeling
I spent 2 years studying photos of the Desert Southwest and translating those rock formations into believable shapes that happen to resemble cars.
Production designers: Bill Cone, Antony Christov
UP 2009 - modeling
Fun facts - there are 7 version of the exterior of the house in it's various stages of decrepitude to perfection and back again. For staging reasons the interior is bigger than the exterior.
Production designers: Ricky Nierva, Dan Shank.
Finding Nemo* (2003) - Modeling, Set dressing, Lighting
The Incredibles* (2004) - Set dressing
Cars (2006) - Modeling, Set Dressing
Ratatouille* (2007) - Layout (camera), Modeling
WALL·E* (2008) - Modeling, Set Dressing
Up* (2009) - Modeling, Set Dressing
Toy Story 3* (2010) - Layout (camera)
La Luna* (short) (2011) - Modeling
   * Oscar winners
I was interviewed by Fast Company magazine on what I took from Pixar and applied to my The Good Bean (my snack food company). Read that here.
Everyone always wants to know what it's like to work there and here's my official answer: 
Pixar's a great place to work and/but ... You focus on one skill set for years and hone your craft and your eye to the nth degree, and of course always have the coolest job at parties (sigh, remember parties?).
But I missed the seat-of-your-pants creativity and constant style changes that make working in commercials so exciting, challenging, and rewarding.

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