So what's with the gap Slatcher, where d'ya go for 10 years?
Well I started a snack food company. Not quite as random as it sounds (a long story), and super interesting in terms of how the world works: manufacturing, supply chains, financing, and of course marketing. 
I won a few awards for package design, and produced collateral material based on that, including the animations below.
And I gained a lot of insight into messaging and marketing for small and medium sized companies, especially CPG.
The Good Bean is now a fairly large and successful company, and I'm no longer involved in the day to day running of it. 
I spend most of my time in a cabin in the woods, making films, painting, hiking, tinkering in my woodshop, and 'forest bathing,' aka sitting on the deck enjoying it all. 
A reel from 2011 bringing a bunch of ideas together.
This has really dated, look at that web browser, look at that television!